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Chromadek Business Signs


  • All-Weather High Quality Business Signs
  • Outdoor Signage Solution
    • 0.6mm White Chromadek
    • Direct UV Printed • Pop riveted onto Aluminium
    • 25x25mm Square Tubing • Includes Corner connectors

Chromadek Business Signs are a perfect solution for outdoor signage.

Uses: Building Signs, Office signs, Warning signs, Information Signs, Direction Signs,
or as A-Frame boards for advertising.

Installation: if required, please request a site inspection and quote.

Chromadek Signs use an epoxy coated galvanised steel sheeting. It is extremely durable to the elements. It is specifically useful for outdoor signage due to its excellent UV protection properties. By far the most popular and cost effect long term signage option. The large format print can be made to fit any space available. There are few limitations when it comes to this option. It is trusted and used extensively by sign makers throughout South Africa.

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Chromadek Signs

1225x1225mm, 1850x1225mm, 2450x1225mm, 3000x1225mm