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Custom Acrylic Products


  • Other materials can be incorporated.
  • Clear or Coloured Acrylic
  • Branding options available on request
  • Laser Cutting and Engraving
  • Lighting options available
  • We design too!

Custom Acrylic Products - made to order

We take your design or idea and bring it to life!
With the technology and expertise gained over the years within the field of acrylic fabrication we will design and brainstorm, build and produce the units you require - we strive to perfect!

With laser engraving and cutting, acrylic bending and polishing we can shape...
With direct printing we can brand and texturize...
With LED lights and coloured acrylic we can light up...

We have produced custom items such as trophies, display cases, shoe holders, cake stands, flat-packed candle holders and much more.