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Correx Printed Signs



  • Lightweight
  • Full colour UV Printing
  • Ideal for Outdoors
  • Single or Double Sided print
  • For Sale boards (Real Estate boards)
  • ↓ See Minimum Order on Sizes below in Description before ordering

Correx Signs and Correx Boards are made from Lightweight corrugated board.

The full colour direct UV prints are ideal for outdoor signage or welcome signs.
Used widely by Estate Agents, Event Planners and Marketing Companies.

Usually seen on street posts for advertising and at events as functions for it's versatility.

↑ Minimum Order on sizes:

  • FULL SHEET: 2500x1250 (min 1)
  • A0 (min 2)
  • A1 (min 4)
  • A2 (min 10)
  • A3 (min 20)
  • A4 (min 40)
  • A5 (min 80)
  • FOR SALE BOARDS: 600x400mm (min 4)

Additional information

Correx Signs

FULL SHEET Single Sided, FULL SHEET Double Sided, A0 Single Sided, A0 Double Sided, A1 Single Sided, A1 Double Sided, A2 Single Sided, A2 Double Sided, A3 Single Sided, A3 Double Sided, A4 Single Sided, A4 Double Sided, A5 Single Sided, A5 Double Sided, FOR SALE BOARD Single Sided, FOR SALE BOARD Double Sided